Friday, January 4, 2013

Getting in the Game

I’m talking about the real “game-of-life” activities. You breathe. You move. You eat. And, you’re playing whether you want to or not. That said; why not play at your best?

Research shows that even obese individuals, who have been inactive for years, can benefit from regular physical activity. However, years of inactivity can (and does) take a toll on muscle tissue, joints and the general condition of your body and overall health.

With the arrival of the New Year, many have decided to make a change for the better. Getting regular exercise and eating properly are among their goals. Some even use sports massage to help ease into an active lifestyle by having their muscles gently manipulating and allowing a therapist like me to incorporate stretching into their treatment.

If you are ready to make this your year and you would like to embark on a life-style change, let’s get together and talk about you: your goals. I can work with your physician and other healthcare providers to help you reach your goals by improving your overall health.

Nutrition, physical movement and massage can all be integral to your overall health and appearance of your body. All three are essential to feeling fit and loving life. If you feel better and look better, chances are good that you are likely to stay with a new fitness routine. That’s a fact that I can help you achieve.

As always – Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

Bio: I am a Houston based, male massage therapist and wellness coach specializing in pain management and health programs for individuals over the age of forty. I laugh - a lot. I'm quirky but sincere. And, while I'm not a counselor, I do listen and I do care: Except for the times that I don't. That’s a joke - Did I mention that I like to laugh? Anyway, visit my website, call or email me and let's get together to talk about you, and the many ways to live life better!

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