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Size, Snoring, and Sleep

“Snoring Sid snored so loud he kept the town awake. Everyone would run and hide when the ground began to shake. He tried to make himself quit snoring but nothing helped to stop the loud roaring. 


~ Excerpt from; Snoring Sid; Funny Children's Short Story, by Kimberly Vargas

I got a kick out of reading this short story, mostly because my 4 year old daughter finds snoring to be quite funny. However, snoring can indicate the symptoms of something far more sinister.

If you’re overweight and you snore, your size may have something to do with it. And if you’re snoring, your sleep — and overall health — may be suffering.

Snoring is a symptom of sleep apnea — a condition in which a person stops breathing for short periods during the night. A person with sleep apnea may suffer from:

•Daytime sleepiness
•Difficulty concentrating
•Heart-related issues

The risk for sleep apnea is higher for people who are overweight. That’s because a person who i…

A Fast Food Diet

Could it be true? Are Americans dieting from fast food? A report from the Centers for Disease Control has my hopes up. Their study showed a reduction in Adult caloric intake from fast food. It shows that the average percentage of adults consuming fast foods went from 12.8% (from 2003 to 2006) to a thinner 11.3% (in years 2007 through 2010).

This gives me hope that our obsessions with McDonald’s fries, Wendy’s Frostys, Taco Bell tacos and Burger King Whoppers are no longer going to control our wallets or waistlines. So, I wonder and dream; could this be the beginning of a rising and united group of Americans who are becoming more health conscious and financially effective by choosing to spend their dollar on healthier foods?

Well, there is a little confusion as to how best to interpret the findings provided by the CDC study. These results may be confirmation that public health messages are hitting home with people. However, they could just as easily reflect the financial stress most o…

Toxic Love

Yesterday was February 14th. To many, it was just an ordinary day like any other. A regular, average day in which you might be told you’re fat, ugly or stupid… Perhaps you were forced into sex against your will. Who knows? Maybe you were ‘lucky’ and only got a busted lip? On the bright side; tomorrow he’ll probably bring you flowers and say he was sorry - right? Does any of this sound familiar?

It does to me. I have lived through an abusive relationship. I know what it’s like to fear someone so badly that you are terrified to even whisper their name for fear of retribution. Bite marks, bruises and scratches you never even noticed were on you, but others could plainly see what you tried so hard to hide. I’m not a woman, but I’ve been there. I know you.

I guess that’s why I was so moved when I recently heard of an organization exposing violence and abuse against women worldwide. It struck a chord in me. The organization is called V-Day, and every February 14th (for the past ten years) …

Dreams & Dust

So I took a break from writing my book and was reading the lyrics to the song "Dreams Don't Turn to Dust," by Owl City and the very first comment under the posting said this:

"Well guys, chase your dreams and enjoy the journey, but don't rush what's left of your adolescence either. I'm 18 and about half way to 19 and I regret every second I wasted at 14/15...."

I assume he was giving his sage advice to guys younger than him.

My only thoughts were that this poor kid has no clue about regret (at least not yet)... But, I'm not judging. At that age we ALL had our own little dramas --- When I was that age I think I was either just getting married or just at the beginning of my divorce (can't quite remember).

Looking back, though.... it sure can make me shudder, but it can also make me smile. Same goes for the future. Hope that 18 (and a half) year old knows there is so much more of life to come -to flood- his way and it too will make him shudder.…