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Exercise Makes the Difference

We all know it.

Even if study after study hadn’t showed that exercise makes the difference in being fit, fat, or naturally thin; we know it intrinsically. Our bodies were made to move.

So what does this mean for you? It means that sticking with your regular exercise routine - no matter how difficult it may be at times - isn't just a good idea for your good looks. It makes all the difference in your good health and well-being, too.

“But how hard do I have to work out?” is a question my clients often ask. Well, the answer is that it depends on your goal. I know is sounds like a cop-out, but it’s true. Previously, I wrote about studies of individuals that were put on exercise routines that burned off 500 calories for men and 400 for women each day.

However, these were overweight individuals who could safely lose a substantial amount of weight. If you're already at a healthy weight and want to take your overall fitness to the next level, you may need to step things up a bit to burn…

Understanding Overweight and Obesity

What should you set your eyes on?

It seems that television and fitness magazines would have you thinking that becoming as lean as a fitness model is the only goal of anyone who works out. But obviously that isn’t true. What should YOU set your eyes on? Well, I have always believed that if you focus on fitness, the rest will follow. The “rest” being; a lean body, strength, energy etc.
If you have ever wondered how to view the division between fit and fat, you are certainly not alone.

Ideally, every person will weigh the proper weight that allows him or her to function well throughout their normal day. Since being underweight or overweight can do significant damage to the body's organs, bones, and joints, obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight is paramount to overall good health.

Unfortunately, very few people in the developed world are underweight…. In fact, the issue most people face with regard to their weight is being overweight or even obese. In some parts of the world - the Un…

What Makes You Fit?

Thanks to a recent study published by the American College of Sports Medicine, the view of what it means to be fit may be changing. That's because the study found that while being thin is nice, it does not mean you're fit. Rather, being fit requires some effort.

During the study, three groups of overweight individuals were told to do three different things. Group one was told to keep doing what they were doing, group two was put on a diet, and the third group was put on a diet and given an exercise regimen to stick with throughout the duration of the six-month trial.

When the study was complete, the two groups of people that changed their habits lost weight. Researchers expected this, as did the general public. What is surprising many people, though, is that losing weight was found to not be enough to improve a person's overall fitness.

Only the group that dieted and exercised regularly improved the function of their internal organs and thereby enjoyed increased overall fitne…

Death Costs...

Today I would like to take a side step from writing tips on living life well and discuss the inevitable topic of death. The business of dying is a painful and difficult one that will be experienced by each of us.

After losing several friends and family this year, I’ve more closely examined my own mortality and the funeral process. If you thought living was tough, have you considered the high cost of finding your final resting place?

For example; while publishing an obituary in your local paper is a good way to remember a loved one and to alert family and friends of the death, some newspapers may run an obituary for an average of $50. Other cities may charge hundreds of dollars depending on the length of the obituary.

Then, there are the costs of the funeral home and services; but not all funerals and funeral services are created equal. What’s the difference? Well, most funeral homes gain a loyal clientele based on family tradition. But you shouldn’t be married to any particular facili…

Wilted and Waning… and Deadly

Food for Exercise

Every day, you eat three square meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Or maybe you've discovered the benefits of eating 4 to 6 smaller meals spread throughout the day. No matter if you're stuck on a traditional three-meal-a-day routine or have moved into the five- or six-meal plan, it goes without saying that you need to eat the right stuff.
There is one thing that I would like you to have one your mind while enjoying your next meal and that thing is this: Exercise. Why would ask that of you? Well, there are several reasons. For one thing, I want you to consider how much work you’ve put into you time at the gym and decide if the food choices you have made get you closer or further away from your overall wellness goal.

Consider the Amount

Yes, food gives you energy. The unfortunate reality is that eating lots and lots of food doesn't necessarily give you lots and lots of energy; Quite the opposite. For example, eating too much immediately prior to your workout can cause you to …