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A Secret to Succeed

Maybe your already know this but the best kept secret to reaching any goal, business or personal, is to write it down. While working with many clients over the years and even on myself, I have found this one thing to be true

Goal achievement has a concrete agenda when you commit your plans to writing. It’s like having a visual promise sitting right out in front of you every day that won’t let you forget it. And that goes double if, like me, you have a tough time remembering what goals you met or made last week…

So, if you really want to get an accurate picture of your progress and what it takes to reach your goals, start tracking yourself on a daily basis. Some people call it a daily diary, others journaling and as corny as it may seem, it works. It works because it leaves no room for guessing games or fooling yourself. Your actions (or inactions) are right there in black and white.

Over time a journal can show you what has worked and what didn’t. Take your stories of success and u…

Saving Your Spine