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How a Grudge can Ruin a Life

Be honest about this: Sometimes, don't you just want to "smack" someone? Throw your hands up, say "screw it" and begin a life long love affair with the grudge of your choice? Lord knows there have been times when I may have not only thought this, but have actually been guilty of it. Is this you, too?

I'm not proud of those moments. In fact, I'm embarrassed and ashamed of my past behavior sometimes. I'm sure you can empathize with me. What I've discovered is that most grudges that I've made were usually a result of misunderstanding; a failure to grasp the true reality of the moment.

I could swear the offender meant one thing when they really meant another; harmlessly. Or, perhaps, rumor informed me that they said something that in reality was never even said at all. What I've learned from this is that even if it is all true, grudges do more harm than good.

While a hot-headed reaction may feel appropriate (and really good for a brief mome…

Squeeze the Pain Away:How Does it Work?

You know this. You read my blog and know that part of my services include me kneading, squeezing, push-pulling, stretching and in some cases slapping or "cupping" (don't let your mind slip into the gutter; it's a legitimate technique) my clients' muscles into submission. After all, I am a licensed massage therapist.

My "magic hands" aside though, there is a science to what I do. In fact there is more and more research being done to support the fact that massage is more than a feel good way for people to pamper themselves; massage is good medicine. But, how does it work?

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article listing a variety of tangible health benefits of massage. For example, one study discovered that cortisol levels could be reduced by as little as a 45-minute massage. As you may know; cortisol is the stress hormone contributing to a long list of diseases from obesity to heart attacks.

Another study suggests that in as little as 10-mi…

How Habits can Change You

So, I'm not super-human...(sigh...). This is a fact that I sometimes think of as unfair.

I have bad habits that need breaking, but I have plenty of good ones, too! I regularly do my cardio. I watch what I eat. I strive to look on the bright side of things and do my best to "do my best" under pressure. But, I also have a sweet tooth, can be quick to anger (especially when hungry or tired), and I'm sure I have a mile long list of other things needing improvement that you would rather not hear about.

While there are equally a lot of things I am great at, why is it that habits can seem to be such hard things to break? Just when you think you've moved past one, it jumps out in front of your path of progress to taunt and tease you; just hoping you will give in to it.

Well, my take is that habits are more than just a list of things you do. They are the things that make up who you are. Think about it. How you act, react, or interact with the world is purely based upon y…

Dreams are Turning Points of Life

The Sweetest Choice

I was watching my daughter the other day. She was supposed to be putting up the toys she left scattered in her bedroom. Instead, she was in her papa’s study eyeballing a candy jar sitting on a high shelf. Laser focused cannot begin to describe her standing catatonic. It was as though she thought if she moved, the jar would run from her.

I watched. I waited. She took a deep sigh and turned to make her way into the hall where I was standing. A little surprised, she looked up at me and said, “I wasn’t going to get that candy.” I laughed. She smiled wryly and made her way to her awaiting chores.

Have you ever gotten the feeling that you should be doing something other than what you are? I don't just mean in the area of good vs. evil, but in everyday life. Conscience is a funny thing, huh?. That little voice inside your head that can make you feel guilty about doing a half-hearted job, ignoring the rules, or neglecting your duty...

Well, listening to her conscience was just what Lexi …