Monday, March 26, 2012

How Habits can Change You

So, I'm not super-human...(sigh...). This is a fact that I sometimes think of as unfair.

I have bad habits that need breaking, but I have plenty of good ones, too! I regularly do my cardio. I watch what I eat. I strive to look on the bright side of things and do my best to "do my best" under pressure. But, I also have a sweet tooth, can be quick to anger (especially when hungry or tired), and I'm sure I have a mile long list of other things needing improvement that you would rather not hear about.

While there are equally a lot of things I am great at, why is it that habits can seem to be such hard things to break? Just when you think you've moved past one, it jumps out in front of your path of progress to taunt and tease you; just hoping you will give in to it.

Well, my take is that habits are more than just a list of things you do. They are the things that make up who you are. Think about it. How you act, react, or interact with the world is purely based upon your habitual actions. Stay with me here; the reason I say habits make up who you are is because once you realize this, you have the secret to change...

Sometimes, like anyone, I can get to feeling blue, disappointed with where I am physically, spiritually, whatever... Typically, I arrive to these emotions because of the actions (or in-actions) I have consistently performed. While these actions innately are a part of me, this does not preclude my ability to change (myself or my environment). Tackling a tough, or negative, habit isn't meant to discourage you from trying to improve yourself. Instead, they are there to demonstrate how important change is to your future.

If you are doing something that regularly makes you unhappy, try not to focus on the "stopping" of that action, but rather find (and regularly DO) something that WILL make you happy. Something that "pulls" you toward that positive direction.

If you are ever going to grow into the person you wish to become, live the life you've always dreamed you would have; you MUST align your "habits" with the visions you have of the ideal you. If you want to be a healthy active person, habitually DO what healthy & active people do! If you want to be less stressed, actively pursue the activities and environment that encourages this emotion in you.

What it takes is consistency...

Be patient with yourself and don't let set-backs be the end of the road to your better self. Remember: failure is NOT forever. In fact, failure is only an indicator that you need to try a different approach or direction toward your dreams.

As always – Enjoy Your Life,

John Aaron Villarreal

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