Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dreams are Turning Points of Life

Today I want to write about dreams. Not the kind you have while sleeping, but the kind that really get you excited about life! The dreams you have for yourself, your family, the world.

Personally, I live by the little dreams of love, success, hope and happiness that float around in my head. I assume that all humanity has similar “floaty” dreams and goals. Fantasies of achieving something great are part of the spirit that drives each of us forward. They start with the tiniest seed of an idea, and like children, you love them because somehow they are a part of you.

You nurture and grow these ideas and as they grow so do your hopes.  But, what happens when these ideas, through no fault of your own, fall apart? Heartbreak is what. You may even become bitter about the very thing you once loved so dearly.

Maybe that “perfect” job you’ve worked for all your life didn’t pan out, or perhaps you have an argument with a loved one and this makes you feel like giving up. You may feel like you’ve lost purpose, direction or focus and that’s when you arrive at what I call the turning points of life.

The turning points of life are the landmarks that create change in us. Often they are the moments that take us beyond our dreams into new directions that we hadn’t imagined before.

Instead of letting something or someone get you down, before you give up on your dreams; remember that these situations are learning opportunities. You learn to dream MORE dreams. Have new ones or bigger goals.

If you can take advantage of the situation, you can become a better, stronger person. For me, it’s not always easy to look for the positive…especially when things appear to be their worst. But, what I’ve found is that “total loss” is a rare event. Something is to be gained from every situation… even if it means you start over with a new dream. A bigger dream.

As always – Enjoy Life,

John Aaron Villarreal

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