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More Massage & Less Belly-Jelly

Along with the proven results of relieving stress, did you know that massage is also beneficial for weight loss?

Stress increases fat storage in the body which makes losing the pounds difficult if your stress level is not managed. Perhaps you’ve heard of a little thing called Cortisol? It’s the name of the responsible hormone that’s secreted under mental, physical, or emotional stress. Cortisol causes fat to be stored instead of burned, thereby causing weight gain.

Additionally, massage is also crucial to another necessity of healthy weight - massage aids in the circulation of fluids in the body. This allows for a healthy flow of energy and nutrients to circulate. Massage also circulates the waste out of the body, which is why we always hear about drinking plenty of water post-massage. Metabolic waste is then flushed out of the system after the manual movement of the tissues that occurs during massage.

So, let me encourage you to "belly up" to the massage table. It will do …

Improving Your Game

The National Football League is by far the most watched sports in the U.S. Have you ever noticed that whenever an NFL player catches a debilitating cramp, a trainer rushes over to start massaging the muscles? 

Even world-class athletes who have devoted their lives to fitness rely on massage to improve their games.

If you play tennis, a massage therapist can focus on range of motion in the shoulders and ease tension around the shoulder girdle. Golfers who suffer from "golfer's elbow" can consult with their massage therapist about making adjustments to their swing that might alleviate pain.

Eliminating chronic pain and soreness through massage can also give an athlete added confidence in competition.

No matter how minuscule or magnificent your fitness goals, remember that regular sports massage produces winning results.

As always – Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

Bio: I am a Houston based, male massage therapist and wellness coach specializing in pain management and healt…

Staying Active

It’s no secret that those who run, bike or play sports for fun benefit from regular sports massage to help ease muscle soreness and tension.

In fact, when I work on my clients I like to add stretching to their massage session. Not only does this feel good at the time, but it helps them to maintain flexibility - an essential for injury prevention.

Many of my clients regularly play recreational golf, tennis or racket ball. Some run marathons or weight lift regularly. So, depending on the client’s goal, I tailor the massage to their specific needs. Some research even suggests that there is a benefit to designing different massage treatment routines for before and after physical activity or competitive events.

For example; a 2008 study published in the North American Journal of Sports Physical Therapy looked at the impact of massage prior to competition. It found that clients who received Swedish massage before an event "experienced the greatest reduction in blood pressure, whereas thos…

Getting in the Game

I’m talking about the real “game-of-life” activities. You breathe. You move. You eat. And, you’re playing whether you want to or not. That said; why not play at your best?

Research shows that even obese individuals, who have been inactive for years, can benefit from regular physical activity. However, years of inactivity can (and does) take a toll on muscle tissue, joints and the general condition of your body and overall health.

With the arrival of the New Year, many have decided to make a change for the better. Getting regular exercise and eating properly are among their goals. Some even use sports massage to help ease into an active lifestyle by having their muscles gently manipulating and allowing a therapist like me to incorporate stretching into their treatment.

If you are ready to make this your year and you would like to embark on a life-style change, let’s get together and talk about you: your goals. I can work with your physician and other healthcare providers to help you …

What Do You Think?

When you hear the term "sports massage" what do you usually think? Do you think of professional athletes or regular runners with BIG salaries being treated to stay competitive?

Well, while most professional sports teams employ massage therapist as part of their training and medical staffs, the fact is that sports massage can benefit everyone (yes; that means you, too!) from the marathoner to the busy mom who simply wants to keep up with her energetic toddler.

According to the American Massage Therapy Association sports massage can reduce muscle tension, help athletes monitor muscle tone, promote relaxation, increase range of motion, decrease muscle stiffness, delay the onset of muscle soreness, reduce swelling and aid in recovery from injury.

We could all benefit from that. Whether you are a world-class athlete or a weekend runner, it's time to incorporate regular sports massage into your “game-of-life” plan for better health.

As always – Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Vil…