Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Get A Grip.

I remember when I first started working out, the big question people most asked me was, “How much can you bench?” It was like a badge of honor. The more weight you could bench press, the higher up your collective he-man reputation climbed.

But it wasn’t until I attended a seminar at The Cooper Institute in Dallas, Texas that I learned about the importance of “grip.” And, it’s not just for a firm handshake, either.

Grip strength was a big thing in the bygone era of ‘Charles Atlas.’ You don't hear too much about it today. As a result, most of us have focused more on what I call vanity muscles (the kind you like to flex in the mirror) and as a result, we've un-knowingly learned to develop a WEAKER grip.

This “vanity” phenomenon has caused people to think it's normal if your grip isn't strong. That's what wrist-straps are for! Some think it's perfectly fine, and normal, if your grip can't hold yourself up when doing leg raises or chin-ups - It's not.

Your grip is capable of phenomenal feats of strength. There are men who can pinch and hold 100 lbs with ONE HAND.

Your grip is a major part of your overall strength, too! Don’t believe me? Try doing a chin-up without your wrist-straps! You’ll discover you probably can’t do as many without the “assistance.”

So, don't cut yourself short by ignoring your grip. As we age, it is something that will become more and more important to us; for carrying bags, opening bottles & jars, and even... he-man handshakes. ;-)

Be well, and Always Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal