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The Stress Free Belly...

In case you didn’t know – I’m a big fan of massage therapy. Since stress can kill, and living in today's modern world means stress is a constant companion, massage has become a major part of my wellness program. But here is a stress control technique that surprised me...

Recent research suggests that eating 'friendly' bacteria could help reduce anxiety.

In the journal Neurogastroenterology and Motility, a study found that giving a probiotic known as Bifidobacterium longum to mice with infectious colitis helped reduce their anxious behavior. [1]

And, in another study, researchers at Ireland's University College Cork, gave mice a probiotic known as lactobacillus. They found that doing so resulted in reduced anxiety and depression-related behavior. [2]

So what do these studies mean? Well, to me it confirms my belief that food is a natural medicine, and like all drugs you can use it to better your health or damage it.

Perhaps the benefit of “good” intestinal flora is its …

Why Protein Shakes Are The Best Whey

If you’re a fan of my Facebook page, you would have read a recent question I posted regarding protein shakes. A few of you even commented on it (thanks, btw). Personally, I am a fan of these supplements because of their simplicity and ability to provide the body with quick nutrition.

And for me, the most versatile and generally useful kind of protein shake may be the whey-based one. This is because whey protein contains numerous essential amino acids packed into it. And whether you are a body builder or an over 40-something person looking for a way to improve your diet, keeping a steady flow of nutrients is vitally important.

Another benefit of using whey-based protein shakes is that you will generally find little fat within these dietary supplements. Thereby giving you some room to enjoy fats in something else; perhaps a greasy “cheat” food you love?

Variety is also a benefit. I like to blend frozen organic fruits such as blueberries, cherries or mango into my shakes to vary the fl…

Fat Loss & The Twilight Effect

There’s probably one thing you will never see me doing: sunbathing.

In fact, because I tend to cringe at direct sunlight and have been known to “glitter” from time to time (inside joke), some would think I belong on the cast of “Twilight,” but a vampire I’m not. Despite my Hispanic roots, I have always been a fair skinned person.

And, since sunlight is a key component to the synthesis of vitamin D, you can understand my curiosity regarding vitamin D research and its effects on fat loss.

Recent buzz is that increasing (or maintain adequate amounts of) vitamin D is one of the newest ways to lose weight and burn fat.

It seems that if you are lacking in vitamin D, you may be prone to subtle changes in your body composition. Some have a noticeably increased accumulation of fat around the waist area, giving a person a distinguishably apple shape.

While apples are tasty & beautiful, having an apple shape may actually increase your risk for developing diabetes, insulin resistance, and h…

How to Fill Your Time with Blessings

When Fear Grips You

“Daddy! It’s a spider! It’s a spider, Daddy! Kill it, KILL it!!” These were the words my soon to be four year old shrieked at me from the bathroom where she had been preparing for her bath. She was standing naked and pointing at the tub as I assured her that things were going to be alright.

Warily looking into the tub, I saw no spider. I saw no kind of inset anywhere! “It’s right there, Daddy! Kill it!” she pleaded. I sighed and picked it up with my bare hands despite her voiced concern for my welfare.

To her embarrassment, she blushed when I revealed that the vicious and deadly “spider” was nothing more than a tiny, tangled bit of her own hair.

She bashfully giggled and entered the tub and I chuckled at her expense. She had truly seemed terrified, though. The funny thing is that we are all scared of something; whether it’s spiders, disease or financial loss. We all suffer from this emotion repeatedly. We never out-grow it.

Fear is a “survival instinct,” an emotion that is natural an…