Wednesday, April 4, 2012

When Fear Grips You

“Daddy! It’s a spider! It’s a spider, Daddy! Kill it, KILL it!!” These were the words my soon to be four year old shrieked at me from the bathroom where she had been preparing for her bath. She was standing naked and pointing at the tub as I assured her that things were going to be alright.

Warily looking into the tub, I saw no spider. I saw no kind of inset anywhere! “It’s right there, Daddy! Kill it!” she pleaded. I sighed and picked it up with my bare hands despite her voiced concern for my welfare.

To her embarrassment, she blushed when I revealed that the vicious and deadly “spider” was nothing more than a tiny, tangled bit of her own hair.

She bashfully giggled and entered the tub and I chuckled at her expense. She had truly seemed terrified, though. The funny thing is that we are all scared of something; whether it’s spiders, disease or financial loss. We all suffer from this emotion repeatedly. We never out-grow it.

Fear is a “survival instinct,” an emotion that is natural and present in all living creatures. Sometimes, it can be something as small and seemingly silly, like an imaginary “hair” spider in your tub. But sometimes it is far worse. Those are the times that fear, a very REAL fear, can be so large and frightening that it can leave you paralyzed.

How do you react to it? When you experience something THAT frightening, does it stop you from acting responsibly; from moving forward with the goals you originally had planned? What do you do?

You call for help... Why? Because there are no “bonus rewards” for fighting fear alone! You sometimes need a champion to help fight for your cause and there is no shame in that. And because no two persons’ fear is exactly the same, be prepared to return the favor.

Soon enough YOU will be called upon to be that champion and help someone else through their gripping fear. It’s your duty to stand up for another that needs your help, even if doing so causes you some trepidation. Have courage & be brave with your stand. Because sometimes, helping those that cannot help themselves, is the best way of getting over your own fears.

As Always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

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