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You Expect What From Massage?

Sometimes I am surprised when I come across someone that is a bit afraid of massage therapy. They don’t know what it is that the therapist does exactly.  So, if you are a novice to massage therapy, I’ve got a few guidelines to help you feel at ease and perhaps give you a better understanding of the role you and your massage therapist play in your treatment.

Firstly, massage is more than the manipulation of muscle. It is an experience that should reach the senses of security, trust and relaxation. Massage technique; the touch, pressure and use of friction are only a part of the session.

In order to get what you truly need from the experience, you deserved to be treated well. Your concerns should be listened to and respected.

No matter which massage therapist you see, you deserve that therapist to:

Provide a safe and secure environment and carry liability insurance for you protection as well as the therapists.The therapist should have competency in human anatomy & physiology.Maintai…

My 20-Minute Guarantee (or it's free) Offer

Change can be tough sometimes. Trying a new Massage Therapist or trying massage therapy for the first time can be stressful. Will the therapist be any good? Will I even like it? These are important questions, especially when your hard-earned money is involved.

That’s why I’ve created “My 20-Minute Guarantee (or it’s free) Offer.”

Book a session. Try me out. Give me twenty minutes of hands on proof that I’m the therapist for you.

If you are not happy with my body work, or are uncomfortable with my style of therapeutic touch, just let me know and we can end the session with no hurt feelings, and NO charge. A twenty minute massage for free.

Other therapists and massage companies don’t make this commitment. I’m the first here in Houston. Instead, those “other therapists” would require you to pay for their time and leave or you would be forced to pay and endure a massage you rather disliked.

Not with me. I am so confident in my experience and ability to ease pain, relieve stress, and impr…

The Well Fed Mind

Through grade school and on into college I learned the importance of nutrition to a healthy body. Back then it was the Four Food Groups and not the Nutritional Pyramid it is today. Muscle, bone and brain development would all rely on the foods that were available to us and that we chose to consume. However, the mind and spirit may have been neglected by these schematics.

So many times I’ve caught myself feeding my mind the equivalent of “junk food.” The thoughts and images that provoke weakness, fear and decay rather than strength, perseverance and growth are what I am talking about. Every morning I would watch the news, and living in a metropolis like Houston, I would be guaranteed my fill of rapes, robbing, murders and suicides. It was no wonder why the rest of the day was such a struggle to stay positive minded.

So, several years ago I made the decision to go on a brain diet. I was going to feed my mind better. I cut out the junk and relied on a diet of motivation, inspiration and…