Thursday, July 26, 2012

You Expect What From Massage?

Sometimes I am surprised when I come across someone that is a bit afraid of massage therapy. They don’t know what it is that the therapist does exactly.  So, if you are a novice to massage therapy, I’ve got a few guidelines to help you feel at ease and perhaps give you a better understanding of the role you and your massage therapist play in your treatment.

Firstly, massage is more than the manipulation of muscle. It is an experience that should reach the senses of security, trust and relaxation. Massage technique; the touch, pressure and use of friction are only a part of the session.

In order to get what you truly need from the experience, you deserved to be treated well. Your concerns should be listened to and respected.

No matter which massage therapist you see, you deserve that therapist to:

  1. Provide a safe and secure environment and carry liability insurance for you protection as well as the therapists.
  2. The therapist should have competency in human anatomy & physiology.
  3. Maintain records including continuing education, certifications and session notes.
  4. Do his or her best to secure your comfort on the massage table.
  5. Should you be too warm or cold, a therapist should adjust room temperature and/or provide you with coverings.
  6. You should be regularly asked about the comfort of the pressure and technique she or he uses during your session.
  7. You should have privacy to dress and undress, and unless you both agree otherwise, the areas of your body that are not receiving massage should be covered.
  8. You are unique and deserve an individualized approach to your session. Not some stereotypical “rub down.”
Now, you must remember that massage therapy works best as a partnership between you and your massage therapist. Don’t be afraid to speak up! Remember to:

  • Tell your therapist if the pressure is too light, deep, painful or otherwise uncomfortable.
  • Update your medical information frequently with your therapist.
  • Honor your therapists’ time and call 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel.
  • Definitely cancel if you believe you might be ill or contagious.
  • Don’t forget to let your physician know that you are receiving massage therapy.
  • If you are confused or need more information you should be able to freely share your concerns with your therapist as they arise.

As Always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

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