Monday, July 23, 2012

My 20-Minute Guarantee (or it's free) Offer

Change can be tough sometimes. Trying a new Massage Therapist or trying massage therapy for the first time can be stressful. Will the therapist be any good? Will I even like it? These are important questions, especially when your hard-earned money is involved.

That’s why I’ve created “My 20-Minute Guarantee (or it’s free) Offer.”

Book a session. Try me out. Give me twenty minutes of hands on proof that I’m the therapist for you.

If you are not happy with my body work, or are uncomfortable with my style of therapeutic touch, just let me know and we can end the session with no hurt feelings, and NO charge. A twenty minute massage for free.

Other therapists and massage companies don’t make this commitment. I’m the first here in Houston. Instead, those “other therapists” would require you to pay for their time and leave or you would be forced to pay and endure a massage you rather disliked.

Not with me. I am so confident in my experience and ability to ease pain, relieve stress, and improve your flexibility & overall health, that I’m willing to put money on it.

So, if you’ve been hesitant to try my massage services because of costs, put that fear to rest with “My 20-Minute Guarantee (or it’s free) Offer.”

Book your session now. I look forward to winning your trust, soon! : )

As Always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

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