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4 Reasons to Keep Exercise Short & Sweet

There is nothing like completing a three-hour marathon workout to make you feel like you’ve just conquered the world, but it takes regular exercise to get your body in good shape. So, realistically, who has THAT kind of time?
The good news is that you can still make incredible progress in less time than you think. Need a little more convincing? Read on to get a few reasons why a short routine may be the best way to get and stay strong.

It's Easier to Maintain
The thought of a prolonged workout may be intriguing at first, but getting to the gym the third and fourth time for an equally long workout won't be easy. Nothing is as easy the second or third time - especially if it involves draining yourself of all energy with hours of nonstop exercise. Do yourself a favor by going for the short, the sweet, the manageable.

It Fits in Your Schedule
Along with a short routine being easier to maintain, it also fits into your schedule with greater ease. This means that while you may think you&#…

Sugar Verses the Artificial Sweetener

We have all grown up being told that getting too much sugar isn't good for you. As an adult, capable of making your own decisions concerning sugary treats, you may have tried to skirt this issue by opting to go for the artificial stuff, expecting it to be healthier for you. But are the manmade sweeteners really better than the natural sugar choice?
Well let’s review the options. First, compared to artificial sweeteners, real sugar has more calories. So, when consuming products containing real sugar, it may be difficult not to exceeding your daily calorie count thereby making it easier to gain weight. However this doesn’t give you free license to consume unlimited amounts of foods made with artificial sweeteners, either. One reason people who primarily consume artificial sweeteners wind up gaining more weight than their real-sugar-eating counterparts is because they rely solely on the fact that an artificial sweetener has fewer calories. As a result, they mistakenly believe that t…

Cold-Weather Workouts

Alright, I’ll admit it. It’s cold outside. School is closed. The gym is closed, too. The sky is overcast and I am really tempted to stay inside by the fire with a warm cup of tea and a good book in my lap. However, my little girl reminds me that heading out the door for some cold-weather workouts will reap great rewards (mainly my sanity from having to handle a two year old that has a mild case of cabin fever).
So, I feel confident that all will be well for a brisk outdoor walk as long as we take care to stay warm and safe. Dress Right.
You might not be tethered to a toddler, so running (rather than walking) may be an option for you. However, running and playing in the cold requires you to be very thoughtful about your wardrobe. Obviously, you can't take off in a t-shirt and shorts. Instead, you'll want to wear layers of clothing. As you begin to sweat, remove a layer to keep your sweat from causing you to get cold later. Then put your outermost layers back on when you begin to gr…