Friday, April 13, 2012

Fat Loss & The Twilight Effect

There’s probably one thing you will never see me doing: sunbathing.

In fact, because I tend to cringe at direct sunlight and have been known to “glitter” from time to time (inside joke), some would think I belong on the cast of “Twilight,” but a vampire I’m not. Despite my Hispanic roots, I have always been a fair skinned person.

And, since sunlight is a key component to the synthesis of vitamin D, you can understand my curiosity regarding vitamin D research and its effects on fat loss.

Recent buzz is that increasing (or maintain adequate amounts of) vitamin D is one of the newest ways to lose weight and burn fat.

It seems that if you are lacking in vitamin D, you may be prone to subtle changes in your body composition. Some have a noticeably increased accumulation of fat around the waist area, giving a person a distinguishably apple shape.

While apples are tasty & beautiful, having an apple shape may actually increase your risk for developing diabetes, insulin resistance, and heart disease.

The reason, in part, may be due to increased visceral fat around your organs, or possibly a lack of proper hormone signaling. Did you know fat affects your hormones, too?

What’s more is that recent research seems to suggest that children with deficient levels of vitamin D also have an increased risk for being overweight in their adult lives. (Good thing Lexi loves her milk!)

So if you are like me, and you swear you can hear your skin sizzle in direct sunlight, take heart. There is still hope to improving your levels of vitamin D and possibly increasing your fat burning potential.

Try this: Simply increase your vitamin D consumption by taking a supplement, consuming low fat, organic milk, dairy and yogurt products, or (for those of you NOT on the “Team Edward” side) - more exposure to SUNLIGHT.

As Always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

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