Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The 100% "Fad-Free" Diet!

I've been learning so much from my time with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as I work through their certification program. And, it should come as no surprise that I want to share that knowledge with you.

One thing I've learned is "Fad is Bad." So, nope. No fad diets for me. Fad diets don’t work! If you’ve tried one, you know this already and probably remember feeling grouchy, starved, irritable, deprived, or just plain lousy.

Instead, my strategy is to forget the fad. I'll avoid making drastic changes and take one step at a time (like learning what proper portion sizes look like), then incorporating these steps into a regular part of my daily routine.

My tips for a well-balanced weight-loss plan include:

    Always eating breakfast, and never skip meals.
    Eating a variety of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products.
    Limiting the amount of sugar, refined flour, processed foods and saturated fats that I eat.
    Eating smaller portions.
    Watching out for 'liquid calories' like sugary sodas and juices.
    Drink plenty of water.
    Make physical activity part of my daily routine.

You are welcome to join me. In fact, I hope you do! And, there's one more thing: remember to manage your stress levels! Cortisone and adrenaline can wreak havoc on your health and weight loss efforts.

As always – enjoy your life.

John Aaron Villarreal

Bio: I am a Houston based, male massage therapist and wellness coach specializing in pain management and health programs for individuals over the age of forty. I laugh - a lot. I'm quirky but sincere. And, while I'm not a counselor, I do listen and I do care: Except for the times that I don't. That’s a joke - Did I mention that I like to laugh? Anyway, visit my website, call or email me and let's get together to talk about you, and the many ways to live life better!

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