Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bye-Bye, Beer Belly

For many, alcohol is a part of life. While it might not cause you to lose control, and make poor decisions that you may greatly regret, it still has the power to increase the amount of calories you consume on any given day. With that in mind, it is important to have a good game plan to turn the keg that has developed in your abdomen into a flat-belly six-pack worthy of pride.

If you are ready to fight for your healthy shape, you'll need to do the hard thing. You'll have to learn to drink less alcohol… I know it may seem self sacrificing but it is a challenge you CAN overcome. For example, whenever you go into any potential drinking situation, plan to have no more than one drink. It sounds difficult, I know - but it can be done. Simply order a glass of water to go with your alcohol and drink your alcohol slowly and surely.

In addition, you can trim your wine-induced love handles the old fashioned way. Get to the gym and work up a good sweat. When you're there, remember that you can do all the exercises you want to try and hone in on your trouble spots, but they won't do any good until you're getting full-body cardio.

Also, once you get home, you aren't off the hook. If you're serious about warding off alcohol-related pounds, be sure to maintain a well-balanced diet all of the time, swapping out high-fat foods for low-fat options and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.

And, one more thing: Never be afraid to ask for help. I'm only a post, email, or "tweet" away and I want to see YOU succeed!

Until next time – Live Life Well,

John Aaron Villarreal

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