Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Orthopedic Massage: Helps Heal Injury

Have you ever considered the amount of money we spend each year treating pain from chronic conditions and injuries? Hint: it’s in the billions. It’s around $560-$635 billion annually according to a recent report by The Institute of Medicine.

My recommendation is proactive maintenance which includes nutrition, movement, stretching and the application of a variety of massage therapy techniques. Take orthopedic massage, for example.

A unique Approach
Orthopedic massage is not a “spa type” of massage. It’s a type of massage that more specifically deals with the problems of the musculoskeletal system.

While the goal of a spa type of massage is to reduce stress and tension in the body and mind through relaxation; orthopedic massage helps improve or heal a particular problem, usually an injury, and restore range of motion to the area.

What to Expect
When requesting an orthopedic massage, be sure to tell your therapist that your goal is to reduce pain, restore range of movement and support a return of health and strength to the injured area. A competent licensed massage therapist should be able to develop a comprehensive, planned approach to your goal choosing from a range of safe, effective techniques to best help improve the condition at your specific stage of healing.

Following a standard procedure, your treatment should include an assessment of the condition, and the combination of specific massage techniques and home-care suggestions such as a stretching program and/ or movement therapy.

You can’t always life 100% pain free, but you can manage and reduce your pain so that you can still live life happy and to its fullest. Try massage today. You may be surprised by how good, and healthy, it can make you feel.

As always – Enjoy Your Life,

John Aaron Villarreal

Bio: I am a Houston based massage therapist and wellness coach specializing in pain management and health programs for individuals over the age of forty. I laugh a lot. I'm quirky but sincere. Love a good meal –And; did I mention that I laugh - a lot? Visit my website, call or email me and let's get together to talk about you, and how to live life well!

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