Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Crux of Metabolism: Breakfast

So we've reviewed a bit of what metabolism is and the benefits of improving it, but are you really serious about getting the most out of your metabolism? The saying really is true. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! If you think you can have a high metabolism by skipping it and fasting until your afternoon meal, you are dead wrong. Not eating break-fast, puts you at a higher risk for slowed metabolism.
I know, you say I don't have time, or that you're just not a breakfast kind of person, but without this meal - you are limiting the amount of progress you can make toward a better body and greater health.
In fact, here are a few ways skipping breakfast will do the body bad.
1. It makes you hungrier at lunch and other times than you should be. When this happens, you don't make good choices - and you know it!
2. It gives you nothing to start with. When your stomach is empty, your body is doing everything possible to hang onto the calories at its disposal. Hence why you have no energy without breakfast!
3. It starts you off all wrong. Start your day with a poor dietary decision, and you're sure to make more of them throughout the day.
Breakfast doesn't have to be big, but it must be consumed. At the very least, you can try a glass of reduced fat milk, or milk substitute. Then add other foods as you are able, like whole wheat toast, a piece of fresh fruit or boiled eggs. As always, I am here to help you if you need it.
Until then - Live Life Well,
John Aaron Villarreal
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