Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to Lose Lots of Weight Safely

If you’ve got a ton of weight to lose and you're ready to transform your body into the sleek shape you've been dreaming about, start reading and prepare to change your life.

I believe that losing lots of weight should never be done alone. Involving professionals like your physician can help to determine your best weight-loss strategies. Some of my clients have been overweight for most of their lives, and despite the good - the weight-loss process can be shocking to your body. So, let your doctor help you make sense of any unexpected reaction your body may have to thinning down.

Being overweight can come from any number of reasons but the most common one is overeating. To battle this obstacle, you need to start reducing your daily caloric intake by 250 to 500 calories. If the thought of tracking calories is overwhelming, try something a little easier, like skipping dessert after meals. It may not add up to 250 calories, but it's a start. And every bite you don't take counts.

While you may have grown accustomed to eating thousands of calories every day, your body doesn't need that extra food to function. Actually, those extra calories do nothing but slow your body down and put you in danger of bad health. Begin paying attention to your body's signals and stop eating when your stomach feels full.

In addition to cutting back on the amount of calories you eat, you'll have to beef up your exercise regimen to shed pounds quickly. For the most rapid weight loss, get a personal trainer and spend a minimum of an hour every day working out intensely.

Above all, remember that when you're desperate about losing lots of weight a crash diet may be appealing, but beware. Crash diets usually end badly with you getting fatter. Diets that sound too good to be true usually are. Instead, work with your physician, dietitian or personal trainer to determine the best way to estimate your ideal daily caloric intake.

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