Thursday, December 26, 2013

What's Your Feeling on This?

How’s it going? Have the holidays treated you well? Mine have been rather chaotic.

First, I received late notice that my building was going to be closed on unexpected days, so I had to cancel a few client appointments for those days. Then, the AC/Heat went out in the building and I was forced to cancel more appointments. Then, my five year old got sick and I had to cancel out the last few remaining appointments of the year. Not to mention I had family in town, Christmas shopping (and wrapping) to get done, a dinner party to cook for, AND an office to move, too!

I felt VERY out of control and uneasy. And, I don’t LIKE feeling out of control. Who does?

Lucky for me, Lexi is a resilient child and felt better after just a few days (I think the thought of Christmas Day toys had a lot to do with it. LOL!), and I was able to take some time to chill, meditate and plan for my office move, and for the 2014 year.

As 2013 comes to a close I’ve been reflecting on this crazy year. To me it felt rushed. I always felt like I was playing “catch up” on personal things or business actions. But for me, January always brings a sense of revival and a clean slate.

So, as I planned for the coming year I thought about how I want to feel in 2014.

This was an “A-Ha” moment and here are some of the core desired feelings I came up with…

Uncomfortable (just a little)

This time of year is usually fraught with resolutions and goal setting; including the B-HAG (Big, Hairy, and Audacious Goal). By the way, I had to look up “audacious” in the dictionary… LOL!
Audacious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks.

Although I’m a HUGE fan of goal setting, I firmly believe it’s time to shift the focus from WHAT we want to accomplish to HOW we want our accomplishments to make us FEEL. What’s the point of reaching your boldest dreams, only to feel like a tired, burnt out piece of, well…. crap, once you’ve done it?

So, how DO you want to feel next year while you accomplish your Big Hairy Audacious Goals? Got any idea? It’s a huge task, I know.

But, if you haven’t considered how you want your goals to impact how you feel in 2014, make some time to do it this weekend. Dream HUGE! (Remember your goal is supposed to be audacious)

Then do me a favor; let me know what you’ve come up with. Seriously! I really do read your responses! Just reply to this email. Maybe I can help.

Anyway, from my family to yours; we wish you a safe, and very happy, New Year! Now, go ahead and eat a couple of those left over holiday cookies (tis the season) and don’t forget to share your B-HAG with me.

Be well, and always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal


P.S. I’m making a HUGE exciting (at least for me) announcement on January 6th and you will get 24-hour advanced notice before it goes public on January 7th. Talk about B-HAG… this is a B-HAG actualized.

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