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4 Lower Back Exercises To Help Relieve Back Pain

Back pain and sciatica relief
Back pain affects at least 4 out of 5 persons. Whether it's due to lifting heavy objects, twisting or turning, bad posture or stress, this widespread medical condition can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. But you don't have to suffer. There are ways you can strengthen your back so that you can be pain free. These 4 simple exercises will go far in helping ease your back pain and strengthen your lower back.

Before you start any new exercise program, it's important to always check with your doctor first. Choose comfortable clothes that have some give to them and find an area with plenty of room for you to stretch out and do your exercise routine.

Back Pain and Sciatica Relief:
The first and most simple of all exercises you can do for your back is walking. Yes, plain and simple taking a walk will go far in helping to reduce back pain. Start with a light stretch and set a small goal. Don't stop to rest until you have reached this goal.

All forms of lower back exercises are a series of easy going gentle movement that will help to reduce the stiffness and soreness in your lower back. They will strengthen your back and provide you with a base for more mobility. It will also carry over to your stomach and leg muscles so be prepared for some soreness during the first few days of your new routine.

The first few times you do your exercises you're going to have to concentrate on slow and gentle moving. If something hurts you need to immediately stop. If you're not sure which exercises to be doing, you may wish to check with a physical therapist to find out which ones would benefit you the most.

Knee Rolls
You'll be carefully stretching and mobilizing your spine. Simply lie on your back, you may wish to roll up a small towel under your neck for support. Bring your knees up gently until your feet are lying flat on the floor. Keeping your shoulders flat let your knees drop to one side for five to 10 seconds and then slowly repeat the move on the other side. Repeat this for two or three times each.

Back Extensions
These will help to stretch and mobilize your spinal area. Start out by lying on your stomach. Propping yourself up on your elbows. Don't bend your neck backwards. Keeping your neck long, arch your back and push down with your hands. You should feel this in your stomach. Hold this pose for five to 10 seconds making sure to breathe the entire time. Back to the starting position and repeat this from eight to 10 times per set.

Deep Abdominal Strengthening
This exercise will strengthen your supporting muscles in and around your spinal area. To begin, lie on your back and roll a small towel up to put under your neck. Again, bend the knees and place feet flat on the floor. Keep your legs apart at hip width. Relax your upper body and tuck your chin in. Picture an imaginary line as your breathe out and draw this line through your muscles in your abdomen and your stomach. Tighten and hold for five to 10 breaths. Relax and repeat this exercise five times. Don't tense your neck or shoulders or legs during this exercise.

Pelvic Tilts
These will strengthen your lower back. Again, lie on the back with feet flat on floor. Pull in the stomach and picture your bellybutton being sucked to the floor. Hold this for ten second and repeat eight to 12 times per set.

"4 Lower Back Exercises To Help Relieve Back Pain" is a guest written article by Geoff Roy

Geoff Roy gives advice on various back problems for chiroprators in Surrey.
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