Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Power!

the nutritional value of pumpkins do more than decorate
Have you seen them? I just visited Whole Foods and was floored by the selection! So many shapes, colors, sizes. Some with bumps; some smooth. Some full and round; others short and squat. No matter how many varieties there are, you can’t deny that pumpkins are a very popular purchase in the month of October. Though they are mainly purchased to adorn a porch stoop, become a jack-o-lantern for Halloween, or a serve as a centerpiece for autumn decorating, I want to remind you that they are also quite nutritious and delicious.

For example, did you know that…

Pumpkins contain loads of Vitamin A
Vitamin A is vital to the health of the eyes. This vitamin helps the eyes adjust to changes in light. Vitamin A is also important to the functioning of the immune system – quite important to note as we head into the middle of Flu season.

Pumpkins contain Potassium
Zombies would be happy to know that you were eating your pumpkin! Why? Because the potassium contained therein helps to keep your brain functioning well. On a side note; potassium helps to reduce blood pressure and can also help to relieve anxiety and stress.

Pumpkins are a good source of Fiber
Fiber not only helps you eat less by making you feel full, it is essential to keeping the gastrointestinal tract running well, too. Fiber, ahem… helps to flush out toxins from the body. Need I say more?

Pumpkin Seeds can Make for a Healthy Snack
The more mature pumpkin seeds get, the more nutritionally valuable they become. Pumpkin seeds are a great source of vitamin K, magnesium, iron, and vitamin E. Pumpkin seeds also contain those energizing B vitamins! And, pumpkin seeds are rumored to be good for prostate health.

So, while pumpkins are a great autumn decoration, don’t forget that they boast many health benefits, too! So roast’em up and serve them in pies, salads, smoothies and side dishes. You’ll not only be surprised at their versatility and flavor, but you’ll reap the benefit of this seasonal, “fairy tale” fruit.

And, if you need more ideas on how to make the best food choices for getting your waist trim and your heart healthy. Call me at 713-562-2474 and let me set you on the right path with a complementary consultation.

As always – enjoy your life.

John Aaron Villarreal

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