Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting at The Top

“Typical” is the term I use to describe the people that fail to succeed upon their first try, and decide to never try again. I was pretty typical. I wanted things to come easily for me. I wanted to “start at the top” and work my way up from there. Typical…

It's strange but, when you think you’re above average, you tend to fall well within the “average” of people that believe the same thing of themselves. So what is it that makes one exceptional or extraordinary? Is it their perceived success? They’re bank account, social status or good looks? If so, I am a long way from the mark.

Yet still, I believe myself to be above average; exceptional, even. I don’t believe this because of what I have acquired, but for what I have experienced. Life is sometimes hard. Tragedy & hardship, like lightning, strike unexpectedly. It’s what is done when faced with challenge or failure that sets one apart from the rest.

For example, we all come across roadblocks; barriers between us and the goals and dreams we have set for ourselves; our lives. Large or small, scary or bothersome; we each encounter them. The point is to remember they are ONLY obstacles and NOT “stop signs.”

Still, some of us give up. That’s typical…

But, for the few that “suck it up” and keep pressing forward, the goal becomes surprisingly sweeter, more valuable with each try until it is achieved and new ones are set.

So even if you think you’re typical, you’re not alone. But, try. Believe your dreams are worth working for, hold them tightly and keep going.

The reality is that no matter what level you’re on, you’re already at the top of your game~! Now, we just have to keep working our way UP from there! ; )

As Always - Enjoy Your Life!

John Aaron Villarreal

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