Sunday, January 1, 2012

Golden Hours

Happy New Year!
I hope this 2012 year is your best yet, and I pledge to do all I can to help you make it so!

As I sit here in the wee hours of the morning on the first day of the New Year, I remember my father. He’s an early riser, too.
I remember him telling me one morning that the reason he loved mornings was because it was his time to see the world “untouched” by the rest of us. It made him feel like the world was his alone.

For me this is the “Golden Hour” because it sets the tone for whatever follows. It allows you to take care of yourself first thereby setting you up for a happier day.

What can you do with this time? Well, here are a few ideas that I think will work:
Read: Most accomplished people took the time to “feed” their mind a diet of positive, uplifting and educational materials that moved them forward through their day and gave them inspiration for new ideas, goals and insight on life.
Exercise: Take a walk. It circulates your blood, strengthens your heart, removes residual stress and simultaneously allows you to plan your day.
Plan: Change does not happen by itself; it takes effort. Having a routine of un-interrupted time in which to plan your day and determine the steps that lead you to positive change is a must.

Visualize: Close your eyes, relax, smile, and see your life for what it is: a joy. Take time to sit and be grateful for what you have and enjoy all the gifts that encompass your life.
The key is to develop an attitude of unshakable confidence in yourself and in your ability to reach your goals until you finally reach the point where you are absolutely convinced that nothing can stop you from achieving ANY success – whether it be weight-loss, gaining physical health & strength or building a secure and happy life.

Remember: everything counts. No efforts are ever lost. Extraordinary accomplishment is nothing more than the result of thousands of plain, ordinary accomplishments that no one recognizes or appreciates. The greatest challenge for you is to focus single-mindedly on your goal. And the best time to do that is at the beginning of every day.

As always - Enjoy Life,

John Aaron Villarreal
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