Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enlisting Family Support

Let’s make one thing clear: family is first. Your family plays an important role in your lifestyle change process. Unfortunately, they may not want you to disrupt their status quo; they may prefer that their responsibilities, routines and "you" all remain the same. Or they may want to support you, but may be unsure exactly how to help.

By anticipating specific comments and reactions before they happen, you can prepare your family for the changes you're making that may also affect them. Tell them what specific things they can do to show their support and use the following guidelines to create an environment that is conducive to change:

Introducing low-fat foods:
The internet is filled with menus and recipes that are so similar to the “regular” foods most families eat. As such, you can introduce low-fat foods that your family may never even suspect as “good for you.” However, if they insist on eating "the old way," you still have two choices: keep experimenting until you have a new collection of low-fat family favorites or continue cooking the "old" recipes using low-fat cooking techniques.

Introducing exercise:
If your spouse complains that exercise keeps you away from the family, explain that exercise gives you more energy and improves the quality of your time with the family. Invite your family to join you next time or plan an active family outing together.

Above all, take any protest you receive in stride. If you and your family members have been sedentary for years, it would stand to reason that they might not suddenly decide to become active simply because you have.

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