Thursday, April 14, 2011

Eating for Energy

"And what is a man without energy? Nothing - nothing at all." - Mark Twain

Coffee is my number one “gotta have” in the morning. And, while I’ve been known to make a quick Starbucks run in the afternoon, I don’t necessarily rely on caffeine for my energy boost. Instead, I can get all the energy I need three times a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Carbohydrates: You may remember the world-famous Atkins diet has caused countless people to stop eating breads and pastas in order to lose a few quick pounds. Unfortunately, carbohydrates are essential when it comes to boosting your body's energy levels. Don't eat enough and you won't be able to push your body to its limits in the gym.

Instead of starving your body of fuel, eat smart carbohydrates, such as whole-wheat bread, cereal, and brown rice.

Magnesium: If you're looking for energy, you should consider it. Magnesium has unique properties that turn sugar into something useful: energy. In other words, you can get away with a little sugar as long as you get enough magnesium. Since going without any sugar every day is nearly impossible, magnesium is your lifeline to healthy energy levels.

This good news is that many foods have plenty of magnesium. Consider bran cereals, nuts like almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts, and halibut.

Fiber: This nutrient helps regulate intestinal issues and prevents dangerous and deadly diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes. However, unlike other energy foods, fiber doesn't provide you with an instant burst of energy. Instead, it helps regulate how quickly your body absorbs the energy it has in storage. By eating plenty of fiber, you not only help yourself feel full, but you can maintain a steady flow of energy throughout your daily routine.

Water: If you need to stay focused, you need to stay filled up on H20. According to research, even the slightest hint of dehydration can have you feeling fatigued. Drinking water (or other unsweetened drinks) regularly, you take a huge step toward ensuring your energy levels are at their peak.

And, while the fluid from an occasional afternoon coffee is alright, never forget that you can enhance your fluid intake by eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Not only do they offer an instant rush of hydrating fluids, but they also taste wonderful and come with an array of additional health benefits.

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