Monday, September 20, 2010

Lead in Children's Apple Juice

"A new study from California finds high levels of lead in common foods and drinks our children consume. 125 out of 146 products tested at the EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, were found to have high lead levels.
"Lead exposure among children is a particular concern because their developing bodies absorb lead at a higher rate and because children are particularly sensitive to lead's toxic effects, including decreased IQ," says toxicologist Barbara G. Callahan, PhD, of the University of Massachusetts.
Lead was found in apple juice, grape juice, packaged peaches and pears including the baby food peaches and pears. Some items were labeled as organic.
Many products have enough lead in one serving to warrant warning labels under California law, says the San Francisco based Environmental Law Foundation, who did generate the study.
"Scientists agree that there is no safe level of exposure to lead," according to the foundation. "Lead accumulates in the body from multiple exposures."
For the list of companies and products named go to the EFL website at
Parents can make fresh apple and fruit juices from organic fruits. Helpful information on juicers here."
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